The Labor Dept. posted the June 2012 Jobs Report, reporting that 80,000 jobs were added in June, short of expected forecasts and not robust enough to impact the nation’s unemployment rate of 8.2%.  The June number represents the third month of weak hiring, leaving analysts to ponder the possibilities of a double dip recession, while other experts continue to point out that it is forward movement and recovery takes time.   Let your elected officials know how the economy impacts you personally.

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                                                   Recent U Count Arizona Survey Polling Results Below:


Is Obama Care Helpful or Harmful to:

National economy: 91% of survey respondents believe it will be harmful to the national economy.

State economy: 95.5% of respondents believe it will be harmful to the state economy.

Personal finances: 91% believe it will be harmful to their personal finances.

Personal health:    82% believe it will be harmful to their health.

Personal liberty:    91% believe it is contrary to their personal liberty.


Will Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070 weaken the security of Arizona?

78.6% of survey respondents believe the ruling will weaken Arizona’s security.

21.4% do not believe it will weaken Arizona’s security.


What issue matters the most to you in a state election:

42% – Illegal immigration

6%  –  healthcare

8%  – education

42% – overall economy

2%  – unemployment rate


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Presidential Priorities

Republican Vice Presidential Nominee


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